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Making memories that last forever

Founder of MIW, Lachelle Walls said started the business because she is passionate about helping people document their history and family memories in a fun and creative way. “I grew up working at my mom’s publishing company. We would take customer’s handwritten, typed or spoken words and transform them into finished books. Although we worked on everything from cookbooks to fiction, I quickly came to realize that I enjoyed working on memoir projects.” Keeping it in the family, Lachelle runs the business together with her sister

Walls thoroughly enjoy interviewing clients and helping them sort through photos while recalling memories and experiences that occurred long before she was born. She has documented stories about the first time a television came into a home, life during the depression, immigrating to America and opinions on politics.  “The realism and diversity in each customer’s life story was a real joy,” quipped Walls. While attending college, Lachelle volunteered at hospices, assisted living and nursing homes; she also watched as her grandmother’s memory started to fade after being diagnosed with  dementia. These experiences increased her views on the value of capturing family memories and history.

What Makes These Workbooks Unique?  At any time customers can mail their completed workbook along with a selection of photos and documents to Memories In Writing and have their personal history captured in beautiful hardbound book.  MIW transcribes and edits workbook responses to create a comprehensive story with the couple as the narrators sharing their memories with the readers.   Finished books are hardbound, printed in full color, contain photos, in-depth stories and personal accounts of an individual, couple or family. Something picture memory books and scrapbooks don’t do.

For more information and to order, call Memories in Writing at 800-604-9843 or visit

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